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Industry Survey Report on Post-COVID Restaurant Marketing Trends










In Q2 2021, we surveyed attendees at a recent The Series event to explore their thoughts on the macro trends. Altogether, 57 participants responded to ten essential questions about the future of the restaurant industry. The respondents spanned a broad cross-section of industries and functional responsibilities.


A Wide Spectrum of Industries, Functions, and Seniority
When will the restaurant industry fully recover to pre-COVID levels?

Full Survey Questions:

  1. When will the restaurant industry fully recover to pre-COVID levels?
  2. What are the most pressing issues facing restaurant growth marketers?
  3. Which marketing channels are highly effective for restaurants?
  4. In 2022, do you expect your linear TV ad budget to...?
  5. In 2022, do you expect your connected TV ad budget to...?
  6. Are restaurant brands making the most of first party data?
  7. Compared to 2020, do you expect your first party data investment budget to...?
  8. Are restaurants using advanced data science to drive better marketing decisions?
  9. For restaurant technology partners, what is the top request from brands?
  10. Over the past year, have you recognized any noticeable shifts to contactless payment methods, credit card-based payment versus cash payment in restaurants?

About The Series Event

In Q2 2021, The Series assembled 10 industry experts across food delivery services, virtual kitchens, quick service, and fast casual restaurants as they discuss the opportunity to reach post-pandemic consumers.

Watch event recordings here.