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Industry Survey Report on Addressability











On July 21st, we surveyed attendees at The Series 2021 Addressability Summit to explore their perspectives on tectonic shifts in the addressability landscape over the past year. Altogether, 69 participants responded to seven essential questions about the future of addressability. The respondents spanned a broad cross-section of industries and functional responsibilities.

Download the full report above to see the answers to questions like these:

The Future of Addressability Survey Q4_20210721
The Future of Addressability Survey Q1_20210721

Download the full survey report to see answers to these questions:

  1. What is the biggest challenge you face when you are asked about the future of addressability?
  2. When do you expect Federal Legislation to be passed to address privacy at a national level?
  3. To date, how much has the iOS 14.5 release impacted your data/media strategy?
  4. In 2021 and beyond, what is your highest priority with regards to addressability?
  5. What identifier(s) are best positioned to play a key role as cookies & MAIDs are degraded?
  6. To date, how much of a decrease in addressability (scale of audiences, matched users, CPM’s) have you noticed since the iOS14.5 release?
  7. When selecting data partners, what is your number one priority, given the macro-changes in the industry?

About The Series Addressability Summit

On July 21st, The Series assembled 18 industry leaders from some of the world’s largest publishers, agencies, and AdTech companies to talk about tackling the current and future addressability challenges and enabling an open internet for big companies and small. More than 600 marketing experts registered for the event: 248 from AdTech, 100 from agencies, 71 from publishers, 41 from brands.

Watch event recordings here.