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Post-COVID Data-Driven Restaurant Marketing

May 12, 2021

Featuring speakers from:



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The shift in consumer behavior during 2020 has left a permanent mark on the restaurant industry. Consumers have more options than ever to satisfy their growing appetites, and restaurant marketers face more complexity than ever to execute their growth strategies. The Series presents a candid discussion on the future of the restaurant industry and the marketing innovations needed to effectively reach the ideal target audience post-Covid.

We assembled 10 industry experts across food delivery services, virtual kitchens, quick service, and fast casual restaurants as they discuss the opportunity and challenges. Get event recordings here.

We also surveyed event attendees on the macro trends. Request the survey report here.


12:00 PM ET  Fireside Chat: Restaurants in the Post-COVID Era

A conversation between two restaurant executives about their experiences under Covid and insights on the future of this industry.

12:15 PM ET  Panel 1: Enterprise Restaurant Marketers Adapt to the New Normal

In 2020, some restaurant brands found a way to prosper. Most of them made significant investments in building digital direct customer relationships to enable data-driven growth. Let's explore the new challenges and investments that marketers are facing to find growth in this new normal.

1:15 PM ET  Panel 2: The New Generation of Restaurant Mediation

Significant innovation is coming from new players that mediate restaurant ordering and delivery. We will explore the strategic marketing innovation that is making these business models succeed, and the challenges that come from creating success from white space.

Speakers & Moderators

Jessica Jensen
Amy Adams

Jessica Jensen

CMO of Indeed, Former CMO of OpenTable

Amy Adams

Global Head of Personalization, McDonald’s

Samantha Jahnke

Samantha Jahnke

Global Account Director, Technology, OMD USA

Vince Szwajkowski

Vince Szwajkowski

CMO, Blaze pizza

Jeffrey Appelbaum

Jeff Appelbaum

CEO, Salted

Joy Lai

Joy Lai

COO, Kitchen United

Colleen Meenan

Colleen Meenan

SVP, Starcom

Stephanie Kopa

Stephanie Kopa

Senior Director, Diner Acquisition, Grubhub

Michael Chuthakieo

Michael Chuthakieo

Industry Lead, Entertainment and Restaurants, Pinterest

Lori Brokaw Stout
Bethany Bengtson
Jon Durkee

Lori Brokaw Stout

Senior Director, Product Marketing, Punchh

Bethany Bengtson

VP, Strategic Accounts, TrueData [Moderator]

Jon Durkee

Chief Customer Officer, TrueData [Moderator]

Restaurant Attendees

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