actionable mobile insights

TrueData’s customizable Mobile Intelligence Reports combine cutting-edge data science with our research-grade mobile data, to help you uncover deep insights about your users and competitors, as well as potential partners. With a TrueData MIR, you can:

  • Analyze a customer file against multiple customer or competitor segments
  • Generate specific targeting segments to drive better ROAS
  • Measure any media exposure file to assess campaign reach
The infographics below are a TrueData taste of the kind of insights that can be revealed through our intelligence reports:

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What’s more, getting started with a custom Mobile Intelligence Report is easy and flexible. Get rich insights on various data input formats like 1) an existing CRM file, 2) a file of mobile ad IDs like app installers or ad exposure data, or 3) any one of our pre-existing +6,000 segments (including hundreds of competitive brands). From there, TrueData does the rest.

We only collect 100% deterministic data from +250MM real mobile users across our network of +450 appsTrueData is never modeled or collected through the bid stream – so you get accurate audience intelligence, at scale. We also provide you with the raw data to use for their own analytics and research. 

Contact us today to get your own custom Mobile Intelligence Report.